Free Fairy Wings

Free Fairy Wings

If you are on USA, Log in and you have them [:
If you aren’t on USA at this moment, Follow these steps:

1)Go to any USA web proxy like
2)On proxy’s URL/Address bar paste stardoll link
3)Click Go or Press Enter, and Log in stardoll and Log out (optional step)
4)Close the proxy and Go to
Wings should be in campaign bag in your suite [:

Made By Lulu!


Free Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Outfit


~If you are in the UK – Log in and enter competition.
~If you’re not in the UK – Follow these steps:
1. Go to a UK proxy like: OR OR
2. Paste the link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go or simply Hit Enter on keyboard
4. Log into Stardoll
5. Now paste the contest link to the upper box of the proxysite
6. Click Go or hit Enter on keyboard
7. Click Enter Competition button, wait till page loads. You should see ‘Your contest entry has been submitted’ text.
9. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual.
The outfit should be in a Nikci Minaj Pink Friday bag in your suite. :]